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Todd Butler on the Songwriter Circle

Todd Butler on the Songwriter Circle

Todd Butler is back and he has a story to tell and music to share. His new CD, ‘Back From the Brink,’ is on the verge of release. Tune in to the Songwriter Circle this Sunday June 18 from noon to 2pm to hear Todd talk about his inspiring journey and his...

Hornby Community Radio Society

We are having our A.G.M. on Saturday April 22nd at 2pm at New Horizon’s please come and help us to steer this ship far into the future or at least till our next A.G.M. 🙂 Thanks in advance

Trippy Tuesday Mornings Show

Hey radioheads if you like fresh off the press vinyl tune in tomorrow morning between 8:00am and 10:00am for newly re-issued Syrinx discography 3 albums worth(if anyone remembers the CTV show Here Comes the Seventies the opening credit soundtrack is their song...